Weekend Wife

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Jeans: Ksubi AU http://www.generalpants.com

Bralette: Aimee Cherie Intimates http://www.aimeecherieintimates.com

Slides: Adidas http://www.surfstitch.com



Coconuts for Breakfast

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Images: My Own Model: Me Clothing (Maxi Skirt, Sweater, Visor) Chip Chop Fashion, Sunnies: Le Specs Kicks: Converse

SUPER excited about the latest Hi Summer Collection from one of my favourite Brands Chip Chop. Including a tropical vibe and some amazing prints this collection can not be missed!! Make sure you head to http://www.chipchop.com.au to shop my look and check out this amazing collection!!


The Simple things

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Images: My Own Model: Me Hat: Stolen Girlfriends Club Jumper Dress: Ilixiah Floral Dress: State Of Georgia

All available from one of my favourite stores http://www.justalocalstore.com

This boooooootfiul online boutique was started by two lovebirds from NZ and AUS and one amazing philosophy, giving a little more back to this wonderful world that we take so much from.

Not only do they stock some amazing brands such as Stolen Girlfriends Club, State of Georgia, Ixiah, Shakuhachi, Alice Mccall, ATG, May the Label, Nobody Denim, Three of Something and sooooo many more, these guys  also promise to donate $1 from every item purchased to charity,  those who need it.

Makes them pretty damn special in my book and definitely worth a look see

All threads shown (minus my vintage oneteaspoon leather jacket and karen walker shades) are available and online now



Stripes by the Fire

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Images: My Own Socks: Vanishing elephant Candles: Coconut Gypsy

Keeping my stripes warm by a delicious lemongrass, Vanilla & Lime fire tonight from WA musician Nicky Sandover the talented soul behind label Coconut Gypsy. These beautiful candles are all natural soy-waxed candles and smell absolutely divine, not to mention the cute little honey pot jars they are offered in. Each fragrance reflects the essence of mother natures delicious fruits, reminding you of summer all year round.

Make sure you check out these delicious candles at http://www.coconutgypsy.com.au


Coco Loco

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Images: My Own Model: Me Coco Loco Sweater: Chip Chop Fashion Palm Tree Tracksuit Pants: Chip Chop Fashion

Shipwrecked on the shore in my incredible new tracksuit from Chip Chop Fashion. These 2 pieces are part of their amazing new collection Jungle Boogie, Just a taste of the Coco Loco inspired range. This collection takes me to a desert Island and back again, using coconuts, navy stripes and palm tree prints Jungle Boogie is a fresh new vibe from Chip Chop. I mean really, what could be better than palm trees on your knees!!!

Make sure you check these pieces out along with the other Jungle Boogies at http://www.chipchop.com.au


Safari Skin

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Images: My Own Model: Me Leopard Leather Bodice: Marho Leather Vintage Denim Jacket: Gypsy River

Well If you can’t be a leopard then the next best thing is dressing up like one!! Marho Leather specialize in soft leathers and suede, their latest collection focusing on tribal designs, earthy tones and gorgeous animal prints. They’re designs have a timeless and free spirited and definitely worth a look